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We offer three primary options for evaluating your sales staff. Costs are individualized and based on services and volume. To customize your survey and obtain a price quote, please call our office toll free at 1-800-440-8150.

Option A: Single-Venue Evaluation

A single-venue interview is designed to target a specific training area of concern. Interaction with the interviewer is limited to approximately 15 to 30 minutes, including model tour time. No audio or video taping is turned in by the interviewer. The individual report is one page in length, and a division report is completed at the end of the survey. Examples of single-venue evaluations can include:

  • Meet, greet and register
  • Financing/showroom referrals
  • Construction/warranty prospect education

Option B: Full Audio Evaluation

This comprehensive interview with your sales representative will last approximately 30 minutes to an hour, including model tour time. A full review of the interview, a four- to five-page written evaluation report, and a standard-size audio cassette tape recording of the interview are produced to allow further review and training opportunities. Value-added services such as individual and division comparisons to industry averages, follow-up contact reports, division recaps and sorts, and any special instructions are included in the base price.

Note: We expect to provide a very high standard of quality with our audio interviews. At times, however, due to technical difficulties, outside noises, or other interference, some portions of the cassette tape may be difficult to hear. If this happens, we will provide a detailed summary of that portion of the interview in the written report at no extra charge.

Option C: Video Evaluation

This interview includes all of the services of the full audio evaluation (personalized evaluation report, division recaps, follow-up contacts, special requests) and also lasts approximately 30 minutes to an hour. A video recording of the interview is included to allow an even more detailed review and training session after the survey.

Note: Video evaluations require a higher level of technical expertise, and have higher equipment costs. You can expect several circumstances during the interview to cause the video to be jumpy or difficult to review (car rides, production home tours, or other situations when the sales rep is not in the interviewer's direct line of view). Again, we will provide a detailed summary in the written report if there are any ambiguous portions of the video.

In addition to Options A, B, and C, employment, competition, and exit surveys are also available. Cost and services are based on the individual client's needs.

Our Pledge

Personnel Profiles, Inc. pledges to provide each sales representative with every opportunity to do his or her best, then return a fair, objective analysis of sales skills.

We strive to make the evaluation process constructive and enjoyable. If for any reason you are concerned with the conditions of the shopping interview (busy prospect traffic, sales rep is ill, preparing a contract, or dealing with any other circumstances we were not aware of, please let us know as soon as possible. We will be happy to interview your representative again at a substantially discounted price.

Service Details

The evaluation process is labor-intensive and requires a team of sales training experts to provide you with a successful survey. After we receive your order, interviewing contractors (IC) are selected for the closest match in proximity and buyer profile. The IC is then assigned to visit the sales representative over the course of the next two weeks. Schedules remain confidential to ensure a fair survey.

After the IC's visit, the audio or video tapes are checked and a draft report produced. This is mailed to a Personnel Profiles office, where every evaluation is carefully reviewed again by an experienced Evaluator. The audio/video tapes are edited to final format, and our third-party Evaluator scores and compiles the final report. Please allow six to eight weeks for completion of Options A and B. Please allow eight to ten weeks for completion of Option C, or notify our office if any RUSH services that will be required.


If the agent is not on duty as scheduled, a minimum of $25 to $125 (depending on Option and time spent at the development) plus travel costs will be charged for an attempted interview and partial evaluation of the Host(ess) or replacement agent.


Travel costs are passed through from the Independent Contractor and are based on current IRS mileage allowances and travel time. Average travel costs range from approximately $30/visit for Option A, $55/visit for Option B, and $85/visit for Option C.


For interviews running past the allotted time (see Options above), an overtime surcharge at $50/hour will be added to cover the Independent Contractor's extra time.


A deposit of 50 percent of the total estimate is required to begin scheduling. Balance of payment is due 30 days net upon receipt of final report and invoice. Additional cassette tapes are available at $10/each and video tapes are available at $25/each (when requested at time of order).


Despite our best efforts, we cannot always guarantee the interviewer's anonymity. Some agents may become aware that an evaluation is in process or suspect they were after the interview concluded. Regardless, we challenge the agent to do his or her best and will include a $50 dinner gift certificate or award plaque if a score of 100 is achieved. We encourage the division manager to match this offer for those representatives who "ace the evaluation!"

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