Tested and Proven Mystery Shopping Services for New Home Builders

We offer two options for evaluating your sales staff.
A well-trained, experienced team is involved in every survery, including:

  • Account manager
  • Shopper
  • Evaluator
  • Quality Control Reviewer
  • Executive



Employment, competition, design showroom, online inquiries and other customized surveys are also available. Costs and services are based on individual client needs.

Our Pledge

Personnel Profiles, Inc. pledges to provide each sales representative with every opportunity to do his or her best, then return a fair, objective analysis of sales skills.

We strive to make the evaluation process constructive and enjoyable. If for any reason you are concerned with the conditions of the shopping interview (busy prospect traffic, sales rep is ill, preparing a contract, or dealing with any other circumstances we were not aware of), please let us know as soon as possible. We will be happy to interview your representative again at a substantially discounted price.

Service Details

The evaluation process is labor-intensive and requires a team of sales training experts to provide you with a successful survey. After we receive your order, shoppers are selected for the closest match in proximity and buyer profile. The shopper is then briefed on any special instructions and assigned to visit your sales representative over the course of the next two to three weeks. Schedules remain confidential to ensure a fair survey unless otherwise requested.

After the shopper’s visit, the digital video recording is checked and a draft report produced. This is sent to a Personnel Profiles office, where every evaluation is carefully reviewed again by an experienced evaluator.
The video recordings are edited to final format, and our evaluator scores and compiles the final report.

Please allow two to four weeks for completion of Option A, and six to ten weeks for Option B. Please notify our office if any RUSH services that will be required.


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