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Personnel Profiles is the original mystery shopping company to work exclusively with new home builders. We help you maximize your sales training program by professionally evaluating your sales team.

Our Mission: To provide each Sales Representative with every opportunity to do his or her best, then return a fair, objective analysis of sales skills.

Trusted by new home builders for over 40 years.

Personnel Profiles has been evaluating new home sales associates for more than 40 years. We know how important a visit to your model center is for new home sales. Our first step is an onsite meeting with your sales associate, capturing all aspects of the sales presentation through an audio and/or video recording.

Designed to improve the performance skills of your sales staff by individual and comparision analysis to industry standards

Our evaluations are through and based on years experience evaluating thousands of new home associates for builders, developers and new home management companies. Cost and services are based on the individual client’s needs.

Hire an experienced evaluation team

Our shoppers are the best, but they don’t have the expertise to evaluate a seasoned professional. Our experienced Personnel Profiles team manages every step of your project. A personal account manager and scheduler select the best shopper to fit your buyer profile. Our trained evaluators score the report – not the shopper. A quality control review and an executive make sure that every shop meets our stringent guidelines and mission statement.

Improving Sales Skills

Providing reports detailing the strengths and weaknesses of sales associates






Years Experience

Coming Soon! Sample Evaluation Video

We measure your team’s ability to implement the methods and skills learned through your sales training programs, allowing you to implement the methods and skills learned in current training programs, allowing you to better measure the return on your training investment.

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October 18, 2018

A Birds-Eye View from New Home Mystery Shops©

Shopping has certainly progressed over the last few decades. In the old days, we had to find a big straw purse to hold a big metal cassette tape recorder. We would take out the carbon paper to type up the report and package them up in big bundles via...


October 4, 2018

New Home Sales by Dave Stone

  The late Dave Stone was a giant in the Home Building Industry. This book will always be a standard for mastering the art of selling new homes. The very basis for any new home sales person who seeks to understand the sales process.


October 1, 2018

What is a New Home Mystery Shop?

COMING SOON! Sample Evaluation Video. We measure the ability of individual sales representatives to project the corporate sales philosophy and to implement the methods and skills learned in current training programs, allowing you to better measure the return on your training investment.  


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