Case Study 2
Utilizing Score Cards
Approach, Qualifying, Presentation

Utilizing Score Cards


A top division sales manager with a Fortune 500 home builder, Cecelia’s sales team consisted of 32 sales reps of all ages and experience, bustling about the major metro area. She was providing her team with all the tools: digital display boards, beautiful models and competitive pricing. National had just sent in a famous sales trainer who gave a 2-day seminar on closing skills!


Cecilia couldn’t pinpoint why sales were below target. She called on Personnel Profiles and used her builder’s standardized score card.


A glance at the division recaps told the story. The Closing category ranked exceptionally high. But the Discovery and Demonstration categories were well below industry averages. Prospects weren’t feeling valued without discovery questions. They certainly weren’t able to make a knowledgeable buying decision. The sales rep was not accompanying them through those gorgeous models and demonstrating a single feature. Ultimately, buyers were being turned off because the sales reps had not “earned the right” to ask for the sale.

Going back to basics, Cecelia emphasized the importance of discovery and challenged her team to a five-minute commitment:
“Ask three discovery questions as you personally accompany the prospect through the first model. Then demonstrate three features that make us stand out above the competition.”
Always, without fail. Sales increased dramatically the following month and remained above target the next two quarters.