Case Study 1
Lead Generation Costs, Close

Target/Single Venue Survey


James, the sales and marketing manager for a regional home builder, was tasked to determine his marketing costs in order to budget expansion for a three-community, master plan development the next year. A portion of the report required a breakdown of CPL (Cost Per Lead) and CPS (Cost Per Sale) to compare with their CRM (Contact Resource Management). James knew the CRM did not accurately reflect their prospect traffic. What the CRM showed for a week his sales team saw in a day.


We developed a shop metrics to meet James’ needs. The Shoppers gave the same scenario: Walk in, smile, say you were just driving by and wanted to take a quick peak at the models. Track if the Shopper was asked to register.


Their registration card Capture Rate was 57%.


James was able to use this information in several ways:
• He was able to coach his team on the importance of asking each and every prospective buyer to register who walks through their door.
• He tracked the “prospects” captured against the builder’s CRM system, discovering only 64% of the shoppers ever made it into the system.
• Only 38% of all shoppers received follow-up contact within 72 hours.
• With this data, James could more accurately estimate prospect traffic – almost double the CRM system count – to budget his expansion project.